provides a wealth of opportunities to help local business owners find success. With frequent traffic and millions of annual views, this website has a well-established authority throughout the city. As Austin continues to grow and thrive, it’s more important than ever for companies to secure professional and effective advertising plans. For this reason, offers the tools every business needs to become a fixture in the local community. offers three substantial advertising packages, which provide varying levels of benefits and support. You can choose between the basic or upgraded packages and gain access to effective tools, including an ad-free, professional business listing. Other benefits include being featured in several industry articles each year as well as on competitor listings. Taking advantage of benefits like these can help you grow your team of professionals and attract new customers simultaneously.

Access to the Latest Industry Content

The team at works to publish new and relevant content for its millions of visitors regularly. In fact, the site currently boasts over 122,000 indexed search terms on a variety of significant topics. With 30 percent of the site’s audience between the ages of 25 and 34, gears most of its content towards working professionals. As a result, these articles focus on the latest and most relevant news across industries in order to keep locals engaged and informed.

As a part of, you can gain access to all of this fresh, curated content for your industry, which can be used on your website and social media. However, you gain more than just access to this content when you purchase an advertising package with the site. You’ll also be featured in several of the articles related to your industry – letting you boost your authority in the community and attract the best kind of attention when you post these articles to social media.

A Professionally Crafted Business Listing

Appearing on the first page of Google search results, this site has built up an authority both in the Austin community and online. That’s why the first benefit provided in an media package is a professional business listing, to help you take advantage of that high-quality traffic.

Your listing is carefully crafted by our writing and design teams to attract and impress potential clients. We then post your listing in a target market with a targeted audience, making sure that the right visitors find it. Depending on which package you choose, your business may even receive a featured spot at the top of the Directory page. You can also access other premium options, such as adding a video to the listing to provide more information about your company.

An Austin-Branded Business Presence

The majority of our site’s visitors come from Austin and the surrounding cities, including Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Associating with is an easy way to build up your business and establish yourself as a real “Austin company.” And since residents here are known for their strong support of local businesses, it’s of Texas-sized importance that you put yourself at the center of Austin’s virtual traffic.

You can even gain a unique vanity email with to add both credibility and style to your business.

Maximized Exposure to Your Potential Client Base

Not only is a great resource for establishing an Austin brand, it also maximizes your exposure online. Each year, the site attracts 13 million views, with an added social media reach of 60 million. Over 329,000 users also follow on its social media platforms.

The site has a diverse audience made up of 51 percent men and 49 percent women. This nearly even spread offers your company the potential to reach a variety of local clients. Choose one of the following media packages to get access to this significant traffic with minimal effort.



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Social Followers


Email Reach
The Value of Our Media Packages offers three different advertising packages to help you get started. Whether you choose the basic plan or upgrade to a premium option, these packages offer a wealth of benefits at an affordable price. Explore the breakdowns of each package below in order to find the option that best fits your company’s advertising needs:

The Base Package
per month
  • This basic option provides your company with a curated business listing, put together by a team of professional writers and designers.
  • This listing is posted in the business directory for customers and local job seekers to view and rate.
  • Purchasing this package ensures that the listing is free of any advertisements, so the focus remains on your business.
  • Along with a prime directory listing, your company also receives a feature in two articles per year and in relevant social media posts.
  • This basic package is available for only $49.99 per month.
The Base + 1 Package
per month
  • This option comes with all of the benefits of the Base Package but with additional perks. With Base + 1, your business earns a featured spot on
  • This means your listing is pinned to the top of the Directory Listings page for easy viewing by visitors.
  • You also gain access to basic performance metrics for your page and the option to include a video clip.
  • In addition, the Base + 1 Package upgrades your business to four featured articles per year, all for $99.99 per month.
The Base + 2 Package
a month

This is the most comprehensive option available on In addition to all of the benefits offered in the Base + 1 Package, this option includes premium perks. Along with a featured listing, your business gains:

  • A premium spot on the Directory Listings map.
  • Ad space on related competitor listings for more exposure.
  • A vanity email address associated with to boost your authority.
  • Six featured articles per year and social media posts.

You can become an expert in your field and in your market with the Base + 2 Package for a total of $149.99 a month.

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